‘Tis the season…

Well, we made it to December! (where did 2019 go?)

This is just a reminder that during this busy December holiday season there will be more contests available than you will have time to enter but sadly,  the scammers will also be out in full force trying to take advantage of everyone!

Here are a few common sense tips to remember:

  • ONLY enter contests and giveaways from reputable sources and companies.
  • KNOW all of the rules and regulations as they apply to you. Location is always a big  one ~ a small store on the other side of the country is not likely going to ship you a big basket of goods if it does not state so. We also see so many American contests but if it does not say eligible in Canada, it likely isn’t for us.  Always double check if you are unsure. No one has time to waste on contests that they are not eligible for…
  • NEVER give out information that is too personal i.e. your bank or credit card information, your S.I.N. number or agree to pay for costs that were not part of the contest details  ~ like shipping – if it is required, the contest should say so.
  • NEVER agree to meet up with someone in an odd location or let them come to your house unless you are sure that they are legitimate.  Meeting in a public place and taking someone with you is ALWAYS a better choice. Fortunately, most prizes will be mailed or couriered to your house or need to be picked up at a proper business location. You can never be too SAFE!
  • DON’T click on odd links or download unknown documents. These could be viruses just waiting to take over your computer.
  • PORCH PIRATES are real so be mindful of your incoming packages before they snatch them and steal your prize!

I always go by two feelings: 1. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is and 2. Listen to your gut feeling. If if seems wrong, avoid it.

Lastly, HAVE FUN, say thank you when you win and ask Friends before you tag them in too many posts.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a fabulously lucky day.

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